Loris Gréaud
05 05 19
04 08 19

The Kunsthalle Darmstadt will undergo major landscaping renovations during 2019. Regenerated and refurbished, the Kunsthalle will benefit from a completely new forecourt design. Newly planted trees as well as benches will invite passers-by to stay and the tearing down of the surrounding fence enhances integration into the city scape. The final transformation of the place will be preceded by an intervention of conceptual installation artist, filmmaker and architect Loris Gréaud (*1979 in Eaubonne, France). The main challenge of Loris Gréaud's project «A Glorius Read» derives from the possibility of inscribing the exhibition hall in its actualities (its program) while allowing it, however, to retain its autonomy. In other words, to release it from its programmatic framework in order to show itself as an essential link between the city and the essence of thought: a transitory place, moving and intangible.

Opening: 03.05.2019