26 01 20
26 07 20

‹Super!› is a group exhibition featuring five young female painters, who share not only the passion for their medium, but also a common generational background. Born in the 1980s, they have spent their childhood and youth during the boom years of the 1990s and shortly after the turn of the millennium. In spite of differing styles, their paintings reflect the same «zeitgeist» originating from the popular culture of the ‘80s and ‘90s. ‹Super!› treats the current revival of this era—a time when everything was still «smashing», and «Super Nintendo», «supermodel», «Deutschland sucht den Superstar», and «super cool» infected day-to-day life with constant optimism—with a mixture of irony and genuine nostalgia. In this endeavor, the artists deliberately trust in the clarity of painting, its physical-sensory presence, and buck the trend towards immersion by offering the opportunity of contemplation.

Participating artists:
Ellen Akimoto (*1988, Westlake Village, California, US), Mona Broschár (*1985, Bad Säckingen, DE), Ivana de Vivanco (*1989, Lisbon, PT), Franca Franz (*1986, Darmstadt, DE), and Stefanie Pojar (*1983, Plauen, DE).

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition ‹Super!›. Thanks to Echo Online.