Th / 14.11.19 / 19
«Was ist moderne Architektur?»
Mit Kai Buchholz

For many people, «modern architecture» means the buildings of classical modernism, which are also mistakenly labelled as «Bauhaus style». Kai Buchholz, Professor at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, takes selected buildings in Hesse as examples to propose a different term for modernity – modernity as a technical civilization.

The lecture will be held in German.

Wilhelm Jost: Neue Kuranlagen, Badehaus 7 – Fürstenzelle, Bad Nauheim, 1905-11
Photo credits: Kris Scholz

Kai Buchholz
Courtesy Kai Buchholz

Joseph Maria Olbrich: Städtisches Ausstellungsgebäude, Darmstadt, 1908
Photo credits: Kris Scholz

Fritz Nathan: Israelitischer Friedhof, Trauerhalle, Frankfurt am Main, 1927-29
Photo credits: Kris Scholz

Olaf Andreas Gulbransson: Evangelische Immanuelkirche, Kassel, 1962/63
Photo credits: Kris Scholz