Th / 21.11.19 / 19.30
«Bauhaus und die Fotografie»
Mit Dominique Teufen

Artist talk with Swiss artist Dominique Teufen and photographer Alexandra Lechner.

Her group of Blitzlicht-Skulpturen (flashlight sculptures) was created in 2013. The setting follows a strict arrangement. Like architectural models, glass structures composed of shapes of cubes, slabs, and pyramids are positioned on the stage of a black plinth or white table. Something theatrical happens on it. The camera flashes. Reflective surfaces reflect the light onto the walls, catch these light forms again and connect the perspectival surfaces and lines to an illusion: the concrete moves into the background, the light as a sculpture enters the room; as soon as the eye suspects it, only the photograph remains as a witness to its existence. Teufen’s tableaus explore border areas. What already is architecture? What is sculpture? What, in turn, is photography?

Dominique Teufen (*1975 Davos, CH) lives and works in Zurich and Amsterdam.

Alexandra Lechner (*1971 Bamberg) lives and works in Frankfurt.

Talk in German.

Dominique Teufen, Blitzlicht-Skulptur #2, 2013, Lambda Print, 60 x 90 cm
© Dominique Teufen

Alexandra Lechner
Photo credits: Tobias Wilkinson