Fr / 06.12.19 / 19-23
Kunst & Musik
«First Friday»
Mit Tune City

Like every first Friday night of the month, the visit to the exhibition becomes a special experience thanks to an accompanying music program and drinks. In December, Tune City comes to the Kunsthalle Darmstadt with a Breakbeat set from UK Hardcore and Jungle. The Berlin-based artist presses forwards to the roots of these genres, which emerged in Britain in the 1990s and are characterised by repetitive samples, fast tempo and above all their strongly broken drum-beat structure. On a guided tour at 8 pm, an art guide of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt will give an overview of the central works of the exhibition «Bauhaus und die Fotografie» (29.09.19-05.01.20).

Photo credit: Jasmin Halama

Photo credit: Jasmin Halama / Marius Kurz