Th / 10.12.20 / 19.30
«Warum Fotografie sich verändern muss»
Mit Heinrich Völkel

Veranstaltung entfällt!

Lecture by Ostkreuz-Photographer Heinrich Völkel.

Man thinks, dreams, speaks and remembers in pictures. We all live in a world that is shaped by photography and in which visual stimuli are omnipresent. Social media and the speed of the Internet work like accelerators in the fight for our attention. Can a medium that is just 181 years young still exist today with the ideas of its founding fathers? Are the “decisive moments”, objectivity, intention, the light image, the virtual and machine vision still compatible with each other. Is reality a thing of the past?

Heinrich Völkel has been a member of the OSTKREUZ photography agency in Berlin for over 15 years and has been a photographer for much longer. His focus has always been on documenting. In his lecture he will examine what changes reality-related photography has undergone and how it has to change in order to continue to report relevantly and truthfully about the world. The aim is to report on their own photographic practice and, in particular, to address the work of the photographers exhibited in the Kunsthalle

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The lecture is hold in German.

Heinrich Völkel, from the series ‹Nachtstücke›
© Heinrich Völkel / Ostkreuz