Arie van Selm
19 05 15
05 07 15

The English title of the new studio exhibition at the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is based on a suggestion by the artist. It sounds like the ideal of a just state and life in harmony with nature. But it is also the failure of man: Concorde and Costa Concordia. While the computer animations installed by John Gerrard on the ground floor make the earth look like a drill field, Arie van Selm (* 1950, Utrecht) is in the foyer West, Studio Ost and on the forecourt of the Kunsthalle about Utopia. The selection of oil paintings and paper works from the artist's possession, which was co-ordinated by Arie van Selm and León Krempel, completes the installation of the «crow II» («The Observers»). The monumental bronze sculpture will be shown during the sculpture biennial «Blickachsen 10» (31.05.-04.10.2015) beyond the duration of the exhibition until October.

«Crow Picking Watermelon», 2010
Pigment on paper, © Arie van Selm, 2015

«Magic Moment», 2006
Chalk, pencil, white wash, collage, © Arie van Selm, 2015

«Upwards in Silver», 2013
Oil and pigment on canvas, © Arie van Selm, 2015