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Finissage mit Künstlergespräch
«Genaro Strobel. Size»

On July 11th we will say goodbye to you and the exhibition ‹Size› with an artist talk at 3 p.m. before we go into our summer break.

Join us live in the Kunsthalle when Genaro Strobel talks to curator León Krempel about the content and motifs, his special printing process and the conservational pitfalls of hanging the filigree works. Find out why he «would like to fly around the world with a forester» and how he remembers his time as a scholarship holder in Darmstadt.

The number of participants is limited to 20 people. Pre-registration is possible by email or phone.

Genaro Strobel (born 1984, Frankfurt am Main) lives and works in Berlin. He first studied philosophy and art history at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In 2006 he moved to the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, where he developed his special printing process in 2010. From 2010 to 2014 he studied painting with Heribert C. Ottersbach at the University of Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig. During his time as a Charlotte Prinz scholarship holder from October 2018, Genaro Strobel lived and worked in Darmstadt for two years.

Genaro Strobel, Segel 1 [detail], 2020, wood engraving (birch), 207,7 × 132,3 cm
© Genaro Strobel and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021