On Intimacy

Reflecting on the two years of the pandemic, the human subject has been through various bodily explorations exposing it to various spatial and psychological tendencies. We've probably all become aware of ourselves - our bodies, our environments and our intimacy. Where does our intimacy end? What does the boundary between the public and the intimate look like? An international diptych group exhibition «On Intimacy» examines intimacy in the context of everyday digital life, secrets, surveillance and perversions of the human body.

Curated by
Anastasiia Belousova & Prashant Chavan

Laura Fernández Antolín, Anastasiia Belousova, Aayush Bhaskar, Prashant Chavan, Pavel Chernyak, Frederik Franke, Valentina Gal, Rana Kelleci,
Stefan Maier, Stuti Mohapatra, Felix Plachtzik, Plaza, Sitha Reis, Ana Paula dos Santos, Zoe Saré, Aniket Shah, Karen Vantvelt, Carla Vollmers.

special thanks to
Oliver Boualam, Sandor Dayala, Adem Elahel, Willem Feltzer, Michael Franzen, Valentina Gal,
Thijs Jaeger, James King, Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, Eddy Rakovic, Thomas Riguelle, Nour Saghir,
Felix Saup, Nora Schroeder, Christopher Sura, Thomas van der Putten