Genaro Strobel

In his edition ‹Flammen› [‹Flames›], Genaro Strobel creates a similarity between the photographically obtained motif and the grain in the printing block. In the digital assembly, the top row of flames is folded down. The deep black print highlights the precision of the laser that burned the flames into the fine-grained pine veneer. The artist was inspired to compose his composition by a passage in the essay ‹Paradise (to be) Regained› by the North American writer, philosopher and dropout Henry David Thoreau, which appeared in 1843 and says that the man of the future will warm the fire and the birds that teaching to fly.

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Genaro Strobel
lives and works in Berlin (* 1984 Frankfurt/M.).

Exhibitions (selection)
2012: neter projects, Mexico City, Mexico / 2014: 1822 Forum, Frankfurt am Main / 2017: Kunstverein Coburg / 2018: Galerie Pankow, Berlin / 2021: Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Publications (selection)
Exhibition catalog. Size. Genaro Strobel, text: León Krempel, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2021

Genaro Strobel, Edition ‹Flammen›, 2020, 183,5 x 121 cm, wood carving (pine), Auflage 14 + 4 AP
© Kunsthalle Darmstadt / Genaro Strobel, 2021