Concomitant with the regular program of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt, there are monthly exhibitions at the Studio West which are conceived in cooperation with you!

The monthly changing exhibitions present painting, sculpture, photography and film, performances and events of all kinds. The focus is on concepts specially developed for the location.

The 83 m² exhibition space is intended as a project room for «practicing» artists and beginners alike, school classes or students. As a cultural platform, the offer is being aimed in particular at social groups that are little noticed by the public.

With this project the Kunstverein Darmstadt e. V. translates its central concerns into practical action: promotion of arts and culture in close connection with local communities and urban society, and fostering the dialogue with artists in Darmstadt and beyond.

Jury members: Prof. Katharina Immekus, Anita Beckers, Stefan Krampen, Marcel Rauschkolb, Ana Rosa Goncalves Silva.

Interested parties apply with an artistic concept by email, mail or personally on site. School classes, students, laypersons, less visible social groups and beginners in the field of art exhibitions should feel particularly encouraged to submit an application.

Would you like to know more about the Studio West and the application process? Our FAQs provide the first answers. If you need further information, we will be pleased to help!

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The Studio West at the Kunsthalle Darmstadt
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