Studio 15

Is there an image that is not itself part of another image? We are all searching for the one image that says it all. But practice teaches us that images are like reflections on a moving surface of water. «Studio 15» explores the nature of the image in a series of quarterly presentations, each pairing a maximum of 15 exhibits. By including short videos and soundtracks, the concept of the image is deliberately kept open to time-based media. At the same time, a text, which can itself be poetic, brings language into play. The presentations are curated by invitation to people who are used to working with images.

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On Intimacy

Laura Fernández Antolín, Sight blocker – Landscape theyfriend pillows, 2020, Digitaler Stoffdruck von Adem Elahel, Polyester-Satin, recycelte Baumwolle, trockener Lavendel, Perlen
© Laura Fernández Antolín