Klaus Mosettig

‹Negative Handwriting 1–4›
After participating in the international group exhibition ‹Planet 9› in 2017, Klaus Mosettig returned to Darmstadt once more in 2018. A graphic edition was created for his solo exhibition ‹Handwriting›, which was also part of his concentrated presentation in the main hall of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

Klaus Mosettig
lives and works in Vienna and Berlin (* 1975 Graz, Austria).

Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Study of Sculpture with Bruno Gironcoli

Exhibitions (selected)
2009: Secession Wien, Vienna, Austria / Simon Preston Gallery, New York City, USA / 2013: Saatchi Gallery, London, UK / 2014: Belvedere 21 Wien, Vienna, Austria / 2017: Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany / 2018: Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany / 2020: Berardo Collection Museum, Lissabon, Portugal

Publications (selected)
Exhibition catalogue, Klaus Mosettig. Leros. Handwriting. Negative Handwriting. Planes, Text: Catharina Kahane, Darmstadt, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Wien: Schlebrügge Editor, 2017

Klaus Mosettig, Negative Handwriting 1–4, synchrotron print on 350g Zerkall Alt Triere handmade paper, each 57 x 90 cm, edition: 25 each
© Klaus Mosettig