Das Tor, der Zaun und die Stadt (II)
05 03 17
12 03 17

Since 2015, the building of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt, constructed in 1957 under the direction of the architect Theo Pabst, has been renovated. Since the 1980s also the forecourt and the urban surroundings of the Kunsthalle at the Steubenplatz are taken into account. The studio exhibition ‹The gate, the fence and the city› reconstructed the structural development of space and the surrounding area in an exhibition taking place in summer of 2016. It was discussed in particular with regard to Theo Pabst's plans. Part two of the exhibition shown from 05.03.-12.03.17 in the foyer of Kunsthalle Darmstadt will focus on the results of the planning workshop sponsored by the city of Darmstadt. It shows the plans for the reconstruction of the forecourt and the urban development of the Kunsthalle that were disposed in January 2017.

Opening: March 5, 2017, 5 pm.
Admission is free.