Mit Kunst für die Kunst
31 10 17
05 11 17

In cooperation with the LIONS Club Darmstadt-Mathildenhöhe and the patronage of Darmstadt´s mayor Jochen Partsch, Kunsthalle Darmstadt offers young as well as established artists the opportunity to present their works and sell them through ‹Mit Kunst für die Kunst› [‹With Art for the Arts›]. After a successful start two years ago the project now enters its second round. While the first run was limited to participants from the Rhine-Main region, this time everyone was free to apply with their works. From numerous submissions works by 41 artists were chosen and are shown in the spaces of Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

At the end of the exhibition on November 5, the works are offered for sale in an auction. The auction finances advancement awards going to the up-and-coming participating artists, who were chosen by an expert panel beforehand. In 2015, Martin Kozlowski and Veronika Weingärtner were among the first award winners gaining the opportunity to exhibit their work in the fall of 2016 in the studio spaces of the Kunsthalle.

Participating artists:
3 Steps, Susanne Auslender, Sara Assadi, Ulrich Becker, Mia Bencun, Annette Bischoff, Thomas Georg Blank, Barbara Bredow, Marta Caradec, Raphael Danke, Ute Döring, Thomas Duttenhoefer, Katja Eckert, Harm Gerdes, Barbara Gräwe, Verena Guther, Jan Hanitsch, Christina Sarah Hartwich, Florian Heinke, Karla Höning, Jonas Höschl, Birgit Huck, Andrea Imwiehe, Mame Innete, Karwath+Todisko, Christin Lutze, Radenko Milak, Werner Neuwirth, Pavel Odvody, Oliver Christoph Orthuber, Julia Philipps, Dina Rautenberg, Kris Scholz, Annegret Soltau, Cornelius Staudt, Axel Thieme, Alexander Tillegreen, Arie van Selm, Ulrike von der Osten and Matthias Will.

Opening: October 29, 5 pm
Auction: November 5, 3 pm