Ulrich Horndash
Veduta 4
21 04 18
28 04 19

From April to July 2018 the Kunsthalle Darmstadt's architecture itself becomes a surface for an image. Munich artist Ulrich Horndash (* 1951 Nürnberg), who has already included one wall of the building in his installation of detailed collages made for the exhibition «Cut Cut» in 2016, now designs the central wall in the foyer of the 50s construction listed for preservation. Parallel to the glass front Ulrich Horndash creates a monumental image titled Veduta 4, which extends over the entire surface of the foyer's wall, being 5.5 meters high and 22 meters long.

«Veduta 4 [...] is a ruin fantasy, relating to the history of architecture and the surrounding city. On a surface of 125 square meters the monumental mural occupies a colorfully structured panorama with a series of screen prints showing varying images of collapsing houses. The aesthetics of disappearing leaves a mark of the spectacular kind. The building is brought down by a controlled force: it implodes, that is to say, through its mass it falls down into its own void.» (Ulrich Horndash)

Opening: April 19, 7 pm