Klaus Mosettig
09 09 18
07 10 18

For the very first time, the Kunsthalle Darmstadt presents the new series ‹Handwriting (Leros)› by Klaus Mosettig (* 1975). The Austrian artist is known for drawing different motifs like cow pats or paintings by Jackson Pollock and Josef Albers, always applying the same hatching technique. Consisting of five almost identical large drawings, his latest series shows the surface of a table, which stood in a Greek reception camp for refugees. Here, fingerprints were taken on arrival. To use an object so closely connected with the fate of so many people as a merely aesthetic template really illustrates the anonymization of the affected. At the same time, it is an utensil for capturing people´s individual traits. The prominent signs of its use are reminiscent of abstract painting – a politically committed as well as exploited form of art. With ‹Handwriting (Leros)› Klaus Mosettig takes up pressing socio-political questions and integrates them into the aesthetic discourse.

Reduced opening times:
Thu-Su, holidays 11am-5pm

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3 €, 1,50 € reduced