Friedrich Pützer (1871–1922)
Eine Ausstellung der TU Darmstadt in den Studioräumen der Kunsthalle
06 09 15
11 10 15

Architect, city builder, church builder, monument administrator, university lecturer - these names testify to the versatility of the person of Friedrich Pützers. Born and educated in Aachen, he found his home as a university lecturer and architect in Darmstadt. At the local technical college, he trained generations of future architects. The Darmstadt cityscape changed and shaped his buildings and urban plans with lasting effect. He made a name for himself as a church builder and monument preserve, and throughout Germany he was perceived as a progressive representative of «picturesque urban planning». The exhibition presents some of these facets of Friedrich Pützers. She illuminates his important work as a university lecturer and architect for the TH Darmstadt. It shows works that he has realized as a town builder, church architect and monument preserve, as an architect for residential buildings as well as for public and industrial buildings. The exhibition is also a glimpse into the private life of Pütz.

Haus Pützer, built 1908
From: Creutz, Profanbauten, 1912

The Pauluskirche in the Paulusviertel of Darmstadt, 1907 consecrated
Source: Stadtarchiv Darmstadt

Detail of Darmstadt's central station, constructed 1912
Foto: Nikolaus Heiss