Sarah Schoderer
Wider die Natur
09 03 14
20 04 14

Sarah Schoderers paintings are characterized by a pasty paint application. Thick colored blocks overlap or fuse. Often, she uses medium-width to wide brushes. The illustrated spaces begin to lose their cohesion through the powerful, pasty use of color, resulting in a far-reaching resolution of the image space and thus an abstraction of the depicted. The paintings are characterized by a peculiar color. Individual painted figures and objects stand on the colored background. They are everyday objects such as chairs, trash containers, animals or even paraphrases after sculptures of classical Greek and Roman antiquities. The artist is interested in the painted or clay-painted figures for artificiality. In a series Of paintings The classical beauty ideals with our modern body cult and the pursuit of eternal beauty and youthfulness. Sarah Schoderer solves the most diverse figures and objects from their context and their habitual environment and presents them in resolving spaces, to allow a direct and unversed view of them. It does not evaluate or criticize the situations for which the objects and figures stand. Their choice is associative and guided by various personal events and influences. A long stay in Kenya, for example, left other impressions as the job in a pharmaceutical company specializing in "Botox". Sarah Schoderer tries to combine the different worlds in her own way, and also shows us that we will not feel the world around us if we do not look right. Text: Bernd Reiss

Fluchtversuch, 2013, Oil on Canvas
Photography: Wolfgang Günzel

Ohne Titel (grüne Hölle), 2013, diptych, oil on cardboard
Photography: Wolfgang Günzel

installation view, Kreatur, 2013, oil on canvas
Photography: Silja Yvette