Masha Tupitsyn
26 01 16
24 07 16

Masha Tupitsyn’s ‹Love Sounds› (2015) explores the acoustic legacy of English-speaking cinema in meticulous detail. In her sound installation she combines sound fragments of more than 1500 love scenes into a 24-hour listening cinema. Every word, every sound unfolds its own facet of love in the darkened exhibition space. Masha Tupitsyn arranges those sounds by categories such as heartbreak, desire, sex, or fate-time memory. Projected as letterings on a screen, the categories are the only visible feature. Without any images, ‹Love Sounds› shows how love can occur as a human process through listening and understanding.

Accompanying the installation, Masha Tupitsyn compiled a selection of films for the Mal She'n Kino in Frankfurt, in which the handling of sound plays a central role.

April 20, 2016
Blue, Derek Jarman
GB, 1993

April 27, 2016
Voyage to the Center of Phonelines, Michael Auder
FR, 1993

May 11, 2016
La Ciénaga, Lucrecia Martel
ARG, 2001

May 18, 2016
88:88, Isiah Medina
CAN, 2015

The performances start at 6 pm at the Mal She'n Kino in Frankfurt.

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