Studio West-Ausstellung Nr. 2
04 06 21
11 07 21

As natural retreats, forests offer an alternative to the built environment in the city. They enable a break from everyday stress, slowing down, contemplation and peace. In addition, they open up a world of experience beyond the artificial and virtual spaces in which people predominantly live and work.

The artists Dominik Münch and Dominik Schmitt tie in with the growing separation of man and nature in their exhibition ‹2-pinen-4-ol›. The title refers to the chemical spelling for monoterpene alcohols, the essential oils of conifers. The scent is concentrated in the sculptural work ‹Duftschrein› (2021), which, arranged centrally in the room, mediates between wall pieces made of spruce wood. The title functions as a conceptual bracket for the exhibition: Münch and Schmitt transform the natural traces of the forest and reflect the formal and sensual qualities of the medium of wood.

By drawing attention to the transformation processes associated with the use of wood, Münch and Schmitt address (un-) natural cycles in ‹2-pinen-4-ol›. At the same time, they focus on the connection between the human and plant worlds, from which this exhibition ultimately emerged.

Dominik Münch (* 1990) lives and works in Darmstadt.

Dominik Schmitt (* 1995) lives and works in Darmstadt.