Helga Weihs. Rebuild Darmstadt
Studio West-Ausstellung Nr. 3
04 09 21
26 09 21

Unobtrusively conspicuous, subversive and humorous is how the rebuild versions by Helga Weihs inscribe themselves in their host buildings. The choice of materials and the construction of her modular sculpture, which is made of thermo ash, are close to and at a distance from the architecture. Since 2016, Rebuild has been shown in churches and houses dedicated to art. The exhibition in Darmstadt - the sixth in a planned series of 10 presentations - is a subtle reminder of the history of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt, which was also «rebuilt» after the war. But there is a lot more to discover in it - before it shakes off its contents, is wrapped up in order to be rebuilt elsewhere.

Helga Weihs (* 1952 in Schwalefeld / Waldeck) studied graphic design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences from 1980, after completing her training as a cartridge and pattern maker in Wuppertal in the 1960s. While still studying graphic design, she began studying fine art in Cologne with Pravoslav Sovak in 1983 and, from 1985, studied photography and film in Dortmund with Claudia von Alemann, both of which she graduated from in 1989. 1996-1998 she spent abroad in Shenzhen, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and from 2007 Kanazawa, Kyoto and Budapest. Helga Weihs lives and works in Cologne.