Nguyen Xuan Huy
Une journée horizontale
04 09 21
16 01 22

‹The Raft of the Medusa› (1819) in the Louvre in Paris may be the first thing that springs to mind to the observer trained in Western art history. Théodore Géricault's survivors of a ship disaster, however, are confronted by Nguyen with a youthful travel company who convey a feeling of not being at risk. The artist Nguyen Xuan Huy, who originally came from Vietnam and has lived in Germany for a long time, combined some quotes with his own study of nudes and nature in a collage-like manner in his 320 x 600 cm composition ‹Une journée horizontal› (2020), which is unusually large for him. Realism and surrealism in combination make it possible: the whole thing functions as both a parable of our time and a visionary look into the future.