Studio West-Ausstellung Nr. 6
04 12 21
09 01 22

‹Bloom› is the second exhibition project of E.M.C. Collar, Julia Roppel, Sarah Schoderer, Sigi am Thor and Tatiana Urban. The Frankfurt women see themselves as a temporary collective that reflects the intermingling of the natural and the artificial in the expanded field of painting. Is nature a «reflex of the art-beauty» (Hegel), so does it reflect the longings of the city dweller? Or is everything ultimately nature, including art? The exhibited works by the artists stimulate new and different questions like this again and again. They use traditional (oil and ink painting) as well as digital techniques. Most of them were created especially for the presentation, which also includes a jointly designed wallpaper as a homage to Darmstadt's Mathildenhöhe World Heritage Site.

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