Rosilene Luduvico
06 03 22
27 11 22

Trees, birds, lonely figures, people sleeping, stones, wind and water, but also geometric shapes and bright colors made from pigments themselves form the vocabulary of her paintings, in which every brushstroke counts as much as the whole picture. Who is this painter who «can do what she wants and wants what she can» (Laymert Garcia dos Santos)? No longer known only to a circle of lovers, Rosilene Luduvico travels from her adopted home of Düsseldorf to South America, Europe and Japan. The attentive study of nature, the occupation with the old masters and various modern artforms of the world as well as unconditional contemporaneity go hand in hand with her.

The exhibition in the Kunsthalle Darmstadt puts a focus on a form of object-less painting that Rosilene Luduvico has developed in recent years and that allows for associations such as landscape, atmosphere, creation and destruction. The large-format canvases from the new group of works can be seen in a representative selection together with portraits of ‹Sleeping›. A temporary wall painting ‹Un amico delle acque› in the foyer and the 12-part painting cycle ‹Hemerocallis› (2021) are being created especially for the exhibition.

Curated by León Krempel.

See here the completion of the temporary artwork ‹Un amico delle acque› live.

Click here for the Lecture Performance by George Frederick Takis.

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