Daniel Canogar / Mark Francis / Corina Gertz
Love for Detail
Studio Ost
02 02 24
23 06 24

What «holds the world together at its core» is revealed by looking at the detail. With Daniel Canogar, Mark Francis and Corina Gertz, Studio Ost presents three artistic positions that are dedicated to the textile quality of data streams, the smallest coherent structures of matter and recurring motifs of clothing.

In Daniel Canogar’s ‹Abacus› (2022), an algorithm interprets real-time data from the most important stock indices as well as the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market in interwoven strips of the 19th century stock ticker. Relationships in the information society are thought together here with the metaphor of the textile.

The paintings of British artist Mark Francis shine in competition with the displays. The starting point of his works are the basic structures of matter, which only become visible to the human eye through the microscope. Flickering color contrasts and blurred spots challenge seeing once again.

Corina Gertz portrays women in traditional clothing and costumes in her globally oriented project ‹Averted Portrait›. Their characteristics and attributes appear in the overview as cultural constants that are an expression of individuality and belonging everywhere in the world and across generations.

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