«Das Tor, der Zaun und die Stadt»
26 04 16
24 07 16

Built in 1957 and today listed as a historical monument, the Theo-Pabst-Bau of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt has been refurbished from the ground up and carefully renovated nearly 60 years after its construction. The forecourt of the Kunsthalle is also to be updated in 2017. The exhibition on the ongoing general renovation brings together documents on the change in the shape of the Kunsthalle precinct from the Rheintor of the nineteenth century to the present. It is thus linked to the ‹Pyramids› exhibition (January 26–April 17, 2016) by Daniel Stubenvoll, which also addresses the new design of the Kunsthalle’s forecourt and will be partly preserved as an artistic work in the outdoor space until the spring/summer of 2017.