Th / 22.06.17 / 19-22
Mila Hundertmark

A space decays. Something is always clearly perceivable; at the same time, however, it dissolves; things are vastly invisible. «Fragmente» is a series of performances within an accessible kinetic sculpture. Slides of discarded memories, videos, animations, sounds, and texts construct and deconstruct new spaces while certainty is turned into possibility. A blank space contains everything. A labyrinth of mirrors reflects its own images. In «Fragmente», the artist Mila Hundertmark has created a work that eludes simple categories and definitions. The visitor moves in a space whose boundaries seem to dissolve. Solid states become fluid; images and associations are superimposed on the intersection of reality and virtuality. There is neither stage nor auditorium, but an encounter is created within the image sculpture of performers and visitors. The three performances will take place over a period of three hours. Visitors decide for themselves when to come and go.

Beginnings are beginnings, a circle without end.

with Mila Hundertmark

Mila Hundertmark, Fragmente, 2017
© Mila Hundertmark