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Philipp Schönthaler
Vor Anbruch der Morgenröte

The seven fascinating stories of Philipp Schönthaler deal with different aspects of digitization, a consumer-oriented world, and a look into the future. It shows that the technological possibilities are already quite close to science fiction today.
The current exhibition, whose title refers to the thesis that a ninth planet will be discovered, is an appropriate setting for Schönthaler’s texts. While astronomers around the world are tracking this planet, a metaphor for the invisible, real consequences will be attributed to it in Darmstadt. Planet 9 keeps looking back on planet Earth. It deals with big topics like justice and balance, utopia and dystopia, reality and fiction. And whether or not we find favor.

Philipp Schönthaler, born in Stuttgart in 1976, studied English and art history and lives as a freelance author in Konstanz. His book «Portrait des Managers als junger Autor» was awarded the Stuttgarter Wirtschaftsclub prize in 2016.

The reading takes place in cooperation with Literaturhaus Darmstadt.

At 6 pm a guided tour through the exhibition «Planet 9» will be offered by the Director Dr. León Krempel. The reading by Philipp Schönthaler will begin at 7 pm.
Admission is 10 €

Philip Schönthaler
© Kathrin Schönegg