Th / 24.08.17 / 19.30
Vortrag von Dr. León Krempel
Johannes Vermeers «Der Astronom» (1668) und «Der Geograf» (1669) neu betrachtet

There is reason to assume that, on his travels through the Netherlands, the future Grand Duke of Tuscany most likely came into contact with Johannes Vermeer, but the diaries and letters edited by Hoogewerff provide no firm evidence in this regard. The thesis is supported by iconographical observations regarding the pair of paintings «The Geographer» and «The Astronomer» split between the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the Louvre in Paris, by indications of their possible provenance from the collection of the neo-humanist Adriaen van der Walle as well as by chronological arguments. For the first time, two of the most fascinating pictures by the Delft master can be linked to a dedicatee. Academic lecture in German.

For English speaking guests a transcript will be provided.

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Johannes Vermeer, The Astronomer, 1668, Oil on Canvas, 51,5 x 45, 3 cm, Paris, Museé du Louvre (Detail).