Fr / 14.07.17 / 19.30
Vortrag von Annick Le Guérer
Art and Olfaction

Scents can evoke spontaneous memories and emotions, but unlike images they are ephemeral and cannot be seen. Often, they are perceived subconsciously, which gives them a special potency. From rituals of the Azteks to modern scent laboratories, Annick Le Guérer explores the history of the sense of smell in art, medicine, psychoanalysis, philosophy and religion. In this connection, she will also address the olfactory installations of Helga Griffiths, including the multi-sense installation «Dark Gravity» which can be seen, heard and smelt in the exhibition «Planet 9». Annick Le Guérer is bringing the subversive power of the sense of smell into the center of attention.

Annick Le Guérer
© Odile Jacob