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Eclipses. LabA: inspired, aspired, and expired

Filmmaker Vassily Bourikas, member of the Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen´s selection committee and curator at this year´s Documenta in Athens, was a co-founder of LabA, an independent film laboratory. In a small flat he set up a studio, in which Super8 and 16mm film could be developed and processed by hand. The English talk is accompanied by a film program.
«This program tries to sketch a mood of what we were and where we came from. We include a film that was not made at our lab but we believe existed in a parallel universe from a past or a future that inspired us. Our work has always been about gestures in time, the way things happen matters. We too always happened very occasionally, like eclipses.» (Vassily Bourikas)

«The Green Sheep», Vassily Bourikas & Y.Yaxas, Greece 2009, 8 min., Super8, color, optical sound
«Austerity Measures», Guillaume Cailleau & Ben Russell, Greece 2011, 8 min., 16mm, color, optical sound
«Paura in Citta (1181 Dni Pozneje Ali Vonj Po Podganah)», Davorin Marc, Slovenia (Yugoslavia), 1984, 21 min. ( at 24 f/s), 35mm (from Super8), color, sound from CD
The preservation and restoration work has been carried out in 2014 by Slovenska kinoteka at La Camera Ottica and CREA laboratories of the University of Udine.

English talk with filmmaker and curator Vassily Bourikas, including film examples. Duration: 120 min.

TinosTamaToom, 2014
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