Fr / 01.12.17 / 19
Bis zum Verschwinden. Carte Blanche an Braquage

«This program unites seven contemporary French experimental films and closes with a unique performance of a 16mm projection and live music. It revolves around the desire for conceivable images, which are, first, perceived and then shot, to the point of exhaustion of light and even the film projector. The specator´s view is questioned but also the look of filmmakers, who discover, produce and organize images, to invent the world anew. They let forms bubble out of it, which causes a change in perception.
The performance exudes sound as well as images and makes them disappear. They are transformed and spread, so that they can be autonomous to eventually evaporate, without light, without sound.» (Braquage)

«Ether», Philippe Cote, 2003, 9 min., 16mm, color, silent
«Chimigrammes», Silvi Simon 2006, 8 min., 16mm, b/w, sound from CD
«D-Sparton», Glenn Marzin & Sébastien Ronceray (Sound- & 16mm Projection-Performance), 2017, ca. 25 min., 16mm, color and b/w, live-music

Duration: ca. 80 min.

Ether, 2003
© Philippe Cote

The Action, 2012
© David Matarasso