Fr / 01.12.17 / 21.30
Irreale Areale. Filme von Gunter Deller

Two movies by Frankfurt filmmaker and artist Gunter Deller. First, projected by Deller himself, the legendary but rarely shown film Magic Bus. «In a colorfully painted 80s VW bus on a trip through inner and outer reality. A psychedelic road movie, shot in Super8 in the Vorspessart.« Then follows a more recent work, Fragile Fossile: «The area around the ECB´s new building in Frankfurt dissolves in a hallucinatory storm of light. With music by Polytoxicomane Philharmonie.« (Gunter Deller)

«Magic Bus», Gunter Deller, Germany 1984, 54 min., Super8, color, magnetic sound
«Fragile Fossile», Gunter Deller, Germany 2014, 8 min., HD, color, sound

Introduced and projected by Gunter Deller.

Magic Bus, 1984
© Gunter Deller