Tu / 13.03.18 / 19.30
Frank Schulz
«Onno Viets und der weiße Hirsch»

In the last volume of the trilogy about the unconventional private eye Onno Viets, he ends up in the remote village Finkloch. The title of the novel, set in the hunter-milieu, refers to an old myth, according to which someone, who shoots a white deer, will die himself shortly afterwards. When a village hunter is found dead in his hide after a fight, Onno Viets starts to investigate again.
With powerful eloquence and a sense for the comically grotesque Frank Schulz describes the suppressed abyss and undigested trauma behind the rural idyll.

The author reading in German is held in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Darmstadt.

Invitation card, Illus. based on: Alex Hanimann, o. T. (Hare), light box, 72 x 100 cm
© Alex Hanimann and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018