Fr / 06.03.20 / 19-23
Kunst & Musik
«First Friday»
Mit Tim Kernwein und Anna Hjalmarsson

Like every first Friday evening of the month, a flanking music program and drinks make the visit to the exhibition a special experience. In March Tim Kernwein and Anna Hjalmarsson are guests in the Kunsthalle.

Tim Kernwein plays regularly in the established clubs of Würzburg. By nature, he is always looking for forgotten records. His sound spans a broad spectrum from ambient, IDM to house/techno to new beat and trance. He lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Anna Hjalmarsson from Frankfurt/Stockholm is a producer, DJ and runs a label for experimental electronic dance music with ‹Stoscha›. With her eclectic DJ sets, she regularly plays at the Offenbach nightclub ‹Robert Johnson› and once a month she hosts the radio show ‹Zelle› on ‹Radio 80000› together with Charlotte Simon. Like her DJ sets, her discography doesn't seem to be committed to any genre and ranges from ambient and experimental pop to hip-hop and punk. Her live sets are an acoustic trip between dance floor and dub. She premiers her new live performance on the evening in the Kunsthalle.

A public tour at 8 p.m. through the exhibition ‹Super!› rounds off the evening event.

© Tim Kernwein

© Theo Elias