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Online First Friday
«Makiko Nishikaze.
Living Piano Room»

Makiko Nishikaze is a composer, musician, and performance artist. She is interested in the sound effect of objects and the intertwining of acoustic and visual perception. In recent years, video productions have become more important for her work.

At the online First Friday on March 5th Makiko Nishikaze is going to show her 6-channel sound installation ‹Living Piano Room›. The artist is sitting at the piano in the ‹Atelier Siegele› in Darmstadt. She is playing and performatively interacting with the instrument. The piece is based on one of her electroacoustic compositions which is going to be decomposed again by performative interventions and video montage. During recording, the media translation processes–by camera, loudspeaker, microphone–superimpose and intertwine in the final video. The compression into media creates a complex surplus of audiovisual impressions. In this way the intervention masterly translates the piece–which was originally planned as live performance–into digital space.

The video performance will be on view on YouTube on March 5th from 8 pm.

Makiko Nishikaze (* 1968 Wakayama, Japan) lives and works in Berlin. Her exhibition ‹pavane-berlin› will be on show in November 2021 at the Studio West, the new exhibition space at the Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

The production was supported by:
Musikfonds / Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien / HEAG Kulturfreunde Darmstadt / Wir-für-Kultur / Darmstädter Förderkreis für Kultur / Darmstädter Sezession / Atelier Siegele

Makiko Nishikaze, Living Piano Room, 6-channel sound installation, version for video, 2020
© Makiko Nishikaze (composition/piano/performance/video editing), Nikolaus Heyduck (installation/engineering/camera), Gregor von Sivers (camera), Photo: Nikolaus Heyduck