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«Facing Britain. Britische Dokumentarfotografie seit den 1960er-Jahren»

‹Facing Britain. British documentary photography since the 1960s› provides a unique overview of the past and present of British documentary photography with around 250 photos 60 years. New or recently rediscovered positions will be shown alongside works by world stars such as Martin Parr and David Hurn.

The opening speeches will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel.

The following will speak

Hildegard Förster-Heldmann MdL
Kunstverein Darmstadt

Jochen Partsch
Lord Mayor
Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt

Karin Wolff
Kulturfonds FrankfurtRheinMain

Dr. Andreas Fabritius
British Honorary Consul in Hesse

Ralph Goertz
Exhibition curator
IKS Düsseldorf

Dr. León Krempel
Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Musik: Michael Satter

To accompany the exhibition ‹Facing Britain› a catalogue will be published by the bookstore Walther und Franz König. 224 pages, 75 colored and 90 black and white photographs, ISBN 978-3-7533-0062-7.

The exhibition in Darmstadt is under the patronage of the British Honorary Consul in Hesse, Dr. Andreas Fabritius.

The exhibition in Darmstadt
is supported by

In cooperation with

Peter Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Hudson, Leeds, 1974
© Peter Mitchell

Dave Sinclair, Black Copper, London, 1985
© Dave Sinclair