We / 20.04.16 / 18
Masha Tupitsyn
Screening: Blue, Derek Jarman, GB 1993
Mal Seh'n Kino, Frankfurt am Main

Englische Originalfassung (ohne Untertitel), Dauer: 74 min.

«In 1993, while suffering partial blindness due to HIV, the late British filmmaker Derek Jarman made his metaphysical, all-tonal masterpiece, Blue. The film presents a static-shot of blue. Vision is divested of ocular sight and visual action, radiating an ontology of color and vision–-the color in, not outside, the eye. Blue is precisely the exquisite and intimate sonority one gets when one has been “released from image.” Jarman described his film this way: “Because there are no images in Blue, you can be as free as you like…People see all sorts of things they don’t see on screen.” Color and voice come together to form a new way of looking through intimate listening.»
(Masha Tupitsyn, 2016)