David Czupryn
He She It
28 10 18
06 01 19

The Kunsthalle Darmstadt installs the first institutional solo exhibition ‹He She It› for painter and draftsman David Czupryn (* Duisburg, 1983). Beginning with carpentry and sculpture, he turned to painting during his studies at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. In his works, trompe-l'œil, the art of visual deception always known in painting, celebrates an unexpected comeback. However, he does not shy away from bright colors. Box-like spaces are reminiscent of stages, where enigmatic objects and mysterious figures appear. In dialogue with other arts, painting becomes a visual spectacle in David Czupryn´s work.

The exhibition shows works of the past few years together with new monumental canvases that deal with artificial creativity, underground and mainstream.

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