Marlon Hesse
Studio West
06 04 24
23 06 24

Upside-down landscapes, falling rain, even the scent of rain on dry earth - these are just some of the associations that Marlon Hesse's color field paintings can trigger. He has been practicing his wet-on-wet technique since 2022, after turning away from his dioramas. Initially, he limits himself to black and gray, soon to let muted primary and complementary colors set the tone, never more than two in one picture. The canvas, unprimed, allows the stretcher to show through in places, and accelerates the drying process, like absorbent watercolor paper. More or less pigment or water achieves subtle effects. Whether two colors contrast with each other or only one color changes its intensity does not make such a big difference. Apparently left to itself, color forms strange shapes in Marlon Hesse's play with the basic elements of painting, which can stimulate the imagination like clouds in the sky, but also make you want to relive the painting process. The calm with which the rebellious element of water appears to be kept in check is finally transferred to the viewer.