Stefanie Pojar

Artist edition ‹Super!›
On the occasion of the exhibition ‹Super!› (26.01.–26.07.20), an artist edition was being published. The graphic folder–designed by Stefanie Pojar–contains five graphic reproductions by the painters Ellen Akimoto, Mona Borschàr, Ivana de Vivanco, Franca Franz, and Stefanie Pojar. The prints are signed, limited, and numbered. Edition with ten copies. / 2.000,00 euro per portfolio, 1.500,00 euro for members of the Kunstverein Darmstadt. Framing upon request for an additional fee is possible. Please note, that the prints are available only as a bundle.

Stefanie Pojar lives and works in Leipzig (* 1983, Plauen).

From left to right: Franca Franz, Schmetterling, 2019, woodcut / Mona Broschár, Long time no see, 2019, linocut / Stefanie Pojar, Touch me!, 2020, embossed / Ivana de Vivanco, Puesta de Gorro, 2019, lithography / Ellen Akimoto, Tip, 2019, linocut / all prints 30 × 24 cm
© the artists, photo: Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Dominik Schmitt, 2020