Streifzüge von Los Angeles bis Mumbai
10 09 23
04 02 24

While the exploitation of planet Earth seems to be progressing inexorably, many animal species are threatened with extinction and entire ecosystems are disappearing, animals in contemporary art are as visible as they have not been for a long time.
What is the reason for this newly awakened study of animals? How does it differ from the tradition that began with cave painting? What do language, poetry, and artificial intelligence have to do with the topic?
With questions like these, ‘Animalia’ explores our relationship with animals, which is characterized by many contradictions. About 35 artists from both Americas, India, Pakistan, and Europe are participating in the exhibition.


Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar, Mia Bencun, Rolf Bier, Ali Cherri, Mark Dion, Katja Eckert, Franca Franz, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Andreas Greiner, Horst Haack, Thomas Hawranke & Lasse Scherffig, Hörner/Antlfinger & CMUK, Katharina Immekus, Sanna Kannisto, Smita N. Kinkale, Lisa Korpos, Basir Mahmood, NEOZOON , Olly/Suzi, Michael Pendry, Arnulf Rainer, Stephan Reusse, Harold Rubio, Muzzumil Ruheel, Thomas Sturm, Miriam Tag, Diana Thater, Federico Uribe, Rajesh P. Wankhade.

Curated by León Krempel, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, and Ismail Mukadam, HIMS Academy

Catalogue for the exhibition: León Krempel and Ismail Mukadam (eds.), ‘Animalia’. Forays from Los Angeles to Mumbai / Animalia. Forays From Los Angeles to Mumbai", German/English., with contributions among others from Shraddha Purnaye. Darmstadt: Kunsthalle Darmstadt. 2023. 160 pages. Color illustrated. ISBN 978-3-00-076555-1.
Price at the museum cash desk: 3 EUR. Bookstore price: 5 EUR.
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