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Excellent Architecture in Hessen 2018–2023
Association of German Architects BDA Hessen e.V.
10 02 24
03 03 24

Every five years, the Association of German Architects BDA in Hessen awards its regional architecture prizes. This is done in the form of plaques that are presented to the building owners as well as the architects of the award-winning buildings. A total of 37 buildings were awarded, which were selected from over 180 submissions by independent juries. There was no restriction to a specific construction task: The prize equally honors successful single-family houses as well as schools and museums, permanent as well as temporary buildings. Whether education, inclusion, living, transport, office or trade, whether new construction or conversion - a complexly organized society needs good offers for all these tasks - large and small houses. The exhibition thus provides a panorama of the excellent building in Hessen over the past five years.

A catalog will be published for the exhibition, which presents all the award-winning buildings and documents all submissions.

Opening on February 9 at 6 pm